We had one of our cranes stolen. My corporate office researched many different theft prevention options. Ravelco was the most cost-effective and have proven their worth and reliability to us time and time again. After we had them installed in our south Florida fleet, there was an attempt to steal a tractor trailer from our yard the following year. The thieves had pulled the wiring from under the dash, attempting to hot wire the vehicle to no avail. We have installed Ravelco in 13 vehicles total, having successfully thwarted multiple theft attempts made on our vehicles. Our humble installer, Attila Kovacs, is very professional and happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The service and support from Ravelco of Florida has been outstanding. From the initial installation to the troubleshooting oddities, they have been more than willing to ensure that their product is working as designed. Installations have always been very professionally completed and supported. In 2012 we had a semi-truck stolen from our parking lot and the hassle that followed still brings back headaches. After this theft, a friend recommended the Ravelco System based on their personal experience. Shortly after the recommendation we installed the system on all of our units a second theft ATTEMPT occurred but to no avail. The minor damage repairs were much easier to process than a complete loss. We recommend this product and company with 100% confidence.

Sarasota, FL

We have about 20 pieces of equipment form large dump trucks, delivery fork-lift truck, excavation equipment and many pickup trucks. After the theft of two pieces of equipment we contacted Ravelco in Miami to install their protection system to a few vehicles. The installation was done quickly with a turnaround time of about 1-1/2 hrs each and it did not interrupt our work schedules. The wires are neatly routed and one would not know they installed anything except for the security caps. This security system has saved our Bobcat excavator and several pickup trucks and larger delivery trucks. I had to order a few security caps over the last 5 years and it was a very easy process. Over the last 6 years we have installed about 14 vehicles and equipment with this very good system. I would highly recommend the Ravelco system and Florida Ravelco as a good company to work with for installation.

Sarasota, FL

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. On February 27, 2010, we were driving back from Falls Church, Virginia to our home in New Orleans. We were there settling up my Mom’s estate sale. We rented a U-Haul trailer and pulled it with our 2010 F-350 Ford Pick Up. The trailer was filled, and I mean filled with my Mom’s furniture and irreplaceable mementos.

Reserve, LA

I wanted to send you and RAVELCO an unsolicited note to thank you for installing such a great product into my FORD F250. I cannot tell you how highly I recommend this product to ANYONE who wants to protect their investment. I tell everyone I see that has a Ford Super Duty or really nice car about your product. I give them your business card and tell them it worked for me. I bought a 2001 Ford F-250 crew cab 4 x 4 in August of 2009.

Tucson, AZ

RAVELCO SAVED OUR TRUCK AND WE THANK YOU RAVELCO – On May 14, I took delivery of a 2011 F-250 Super Duty Truck. Before delivery, I called your office to ask if someone could remove the Ravelco lock from my old truck (2005 F-250) and install it in my new one. To be honest I was quite upset at ya’ll because you said it would be more expensive to do because you would have to remove the old Ravelco and trace the circuits in my old truck to connect them back together like the factory had them and then fully install the old Ravelco in my new truck.

Alvin, Texas

Thank You for making a great product. I own a 2007 F-250 SUPERDUTY Lariat 4X4 with a Ranch hand front bumper, several BANKS upgrades and 5th wheel hitch. I had a Ravelco antitheft device installed a couple of yrs ago. I was skeptical at first until the other day while doing some Christmas shopping with my wife and daughter.

New Mexico

I am 63 years old, a retired Security Manager and currently employed with a Security System installation company. I have NEVER seen anyone perform the way the installer did on the installation of the Ravelco System. If you didn’t see the plug, you wouldn’t have a clue that he had been here. He is absolutely an asset to your team and I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet him.

John Smith

RAVELCO SAVED THE DAY” – We own a three month old 2011 Ford SVT Raptor, we didn’t even receive the payment book yet and our beautiful truck was stolen. We live in a GATED community south of Houston. They found our truck a week later in Progreso Lakes, a city on the border of Texas and Mexico. Thank God but the only thing different to the truck was an additional 400 miles on it.

Clear Lake, Texas